Saturday, July 6, 2013

Two Suns Over Petco

When I busted this Everth Cabrera card out of a pack of 2013 Topps Series 2, one thing came immediately to mind: Tatooine card. I'm not sure where, but I first stumbled across the concept on someone's blog a couple of weeks ago. In their post, they admitted that they didn't remember where they'd first heard it, either. So if the term is the brainchild of somebody out there, please come forward and take a bow.

What is a Tatooine card? Well, you have to probably be a nerd of a certain age (guilty) to immediately get the reference. Being someone who saw Star Wars as many times as possible as a seven year old (and again and again as an adult), it certainly clicked for me. It's a card in which the player is framed completely by dirt, most likely on the infield/base paths, making it look like he might be playing ball on Luke Skywalker's homeworld. That's certainly what we have here. But I think it's something more. I think it may be the epitome of Tatooine cards.

My love of Star Wars and my love of trading cards naturally coincided as a kid, as I was an avid collector of Star Wars cards. I couldn't resist the opportunity to see if my impression of this card was correct. What do you think? Hope the Tusken Raiders didn't get him...


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    1. Thanks. (BTW, that anonymous heckler is my loving wife...)

  2. That's incredible. Nice work.

  3. good stuff. you should do one of the '13 Beltre card too. I think he plays for the Empire though. Or the '13 Archives Stan Musial. Surely a Jedi. The original is a playoff card in 1971 Topps.

    1. Interesting... I hadn't considered a series, but that may have to happen.

  4. I don't know if I was the first but I first used the term on my blog in 2010. My brother and i used the term back in the late 70s when I showed him the brooks Robinson card at our lcs. I will be on the lookout for that Everth card.