Saturday, July 20, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #6

What's this? Find out here.

Continuing with the march of the '77s...

1977 Topps Dave Heaverlo SFG #97

When I saw this card I wondered whether Mr. Heaverlo just had really short hair, or if he was actually bald. Turning over the card, Topps informed me, tersely: "Nickname is Kojak." Nice. You have to be of a certain age to remember a time when "Kojak," a TV cop played by Telly Savalas, was as common a synonym for "bald," as "Kleenex" is for "tissue paper."

1977 Topps Kevin Bell CHW #83
1977 Topps Larry Biittner CHC #64

This dude always looked like he was about 60 years old when I was pulling cards of him in the early '80s. This card confirms that he was once in his 50s. If he hadn't become a ballplayer, he probably could have had a Vegas stage show as a hypnotist. Warning: don't stare for too long into those unnaturally blue eyes.

1977 Topps Tom Paciorek ATL #48
1977 Topps John D'Acquisto STL #19
1977 Topps 1976 ERA Leaders: Mark Fidrych/John Denny #7

Hey, there's John Denny again, along with Mark "The Bird" Fidrych in his brief heyday, on a really nicely balanced League Leaders card. Seeing those two unis together brings to mind the 1968 World Series, one of the better uniform pairings in Fall Classic history. (I sense a fashion-critique post coming on...)

1977 Topps Jeff Terpko TEX #137

This "pack" featured a stunning finale, with three Hall of Famers in some of the most iconic cards of the entire decade!

1977 Topps Carlton Fisk BOS #640

1977 Topps Jim Palmer BAL #600

1977 Topps Rod Carew MIN #120

I've said it once or twice before, but it bears repeating: THANK YOU NIGHT OWL!

Now, for this episode's cartoon, courtesy of the mesmerizing Mr. Biittner:

Possibly answering the question: Is it possible to throw like that guy in the Volkswagon commercial and have a gun for an arm at the same time?


  1. Nice end to the post. Love those Fisk and Palmer '77s.

    Kojak : bald :: Ping Pong : Table Tennis

  2. I love that ERA card because the collective age of the two ERA winners in 1976 was 44.