Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Now Playing: The 1986 Topps Set


I will be posting here whenever there's a new post at Top of the Topps. So if you're interested in following things there, you can just keep an eye out here (all two of you).

What's this man thinking about?

Right now at Top of the Topps we're looking at what's in the 1986 set, which could rightfully be referred to as the "Pete Rose set." If I were a betting man, I wouldn't hold out hope for '86 reaching the top spot. It's a beautiful design, but its flaws are in the set composition. You might have a shot if you bet to show. Just make sure you're not hoping for a spot in Cooperstown before you do.

I want to thank Nick at Dime Boxes, one of the few blogs that I make a point of reading every single day. I was able to knock a couple of cards off of his Dime Box Dozen want list. (Which reminds me that I'd better get one of those things up here soon myself.) In turn, Nick quickly helped to fill a surprising gap in my collection, and a need for the blog post I'm "advertising" here: The final card in the Pete Rose Special subset. I'd like to present Nick with a laurel and a hardy handshake for his efforts, but a simple thank you will have to suffice. Thanks, Nick! Be sure to stop by his blog by Friday to place your vote in the championship round of his excellent Gems of Junk Wax Tournament, if you haven't already.

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  1. You're very welcome! Glad I could help you out after the bunch of "Dime Box Dozen" needs you hit for me. I'm planning on doing a post about our trades very soon on the blog, so keep an eye out!