Friday, July 19, 2013

Brain Games

Check this out:

Nice Joe Maddon card, right?


I doubt I fooled anyone with this, but I am a bit curious. My wife and kids enjoy watching Brain Games on the Science Channel, and this seemed like the kind of thing you'd see on that show. I pulled these two cards out of packs (a repack, in the case of Lopez) on the same night sometime last month. I knew what I was looking at when I saw Al Lopez. But my subconscience kept insisting that I was looking at a Joe Maddon card. Pretty uncanny resemblance, right?

Incidentally, I also think it's pretty cool that the Tampa Bay Rays, of all teams, actually look right at home on a card featuring a 1963 design. Maddon's whole retro vibe has infused that team with a pretty cool identity. Now, if only they could get a decent stadium and some fans to go with it...

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