Thursday, July 11, 2013

Need a Shawl, Joe?

We've been dealing with temperatures lately that are flirting with the century mark. Which makes me jealous of Joe Carter.

1998 Donruss Joe Carter TOR #150

First of all, he's enjoying playing in temperatures so far south of 100 degrees that he feels compelled to layer. Second of all, how friggin' sweet is that uniform/turtleneck combo? Joe even models it for us on the back of the card: "Joe is sporting a stylish Blue Jays themed turtleneck beneath his uniform with matching wristbands. Batting gloves and metal-spiked shoes, each with red accents, serve to enhance the ensemble. Tinted sunglasses and a black first baseman's glove make ideal accessories for the ballplayer on the go."

That's about as "cozy" as a ballplayer can get, eh? Looks like his plans for after the game include kicking up his feet in front of the fireplace with a hot toddy at the ski lodge.

What a great looking card. Couldn't stand Donruss in the '80s (save, perhaps, '84), but I have to admit that they did have a few winners later on. This set is virtually unrepresented in my collection, so I always dig seeing one in a repack.

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