Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #7

What's this? Find out here.

Here are the ten cards, in order as always, from this "pack" of Night Owl's kiddie cards:

1977 Topps Jerry Royster ATL #549
1977 Topps Paul Splittorff KCR #534
1977 Topps Cookie Rojas KCR #509
1977 Topps Enzo Hernandez SDP #522
1977 Topps Bake McBride STL #516
1977 Topps Dave Pagan SEA #508
1977 Topps Randy Hundley CHC #502
1977 Topps Pablo Torrealba ATL #499
1977 Topps Butch Wynegar MIN #175
1977 Topps Dave McKay TOR #377

Just for fun, I'm going to see if I can match them up into conceptual pairs. Let's play...

Two Topps Rookie Cup winners in follow-through batting poses on severely tilted fields.

Two bespectacled first-generation Kansas City Royal veterans in road powder blues.

Two fathers of future major league players (if you guessed Yorvit and Nick, you're 0 for 2).

Two expansion draft picks named Dave, airbrushed into the uniforms of their brand-spankin'-new teams.

Two guys in classic '70s uniforms: the sweet Bicentennial pillbox caps of the Cardinals, and the McDonald's brown and mustard of the Padres. Also, two dudes with unique names, which would make for a far-out '70s cop show, Bake 'n' Enzo.

Whoo hoo! I did it. Bet you're impressed (with the depth of my ability to engage in the pointless, that is).

Okay, it's 'toon time. Here are two cartoons of the variety guaranteed to confuse a young child while also educating them about baseball history (from the McBride and Hundley cards):

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