Monday, July 8, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #3

What's this? Find out here.

For some reason, I my counting skills abandoned me on this night and I ended up getting an eleventh bonus card in my "pack." And it was quite the "pack." Get ready for lots o' pix...

1976 Topps Tom Johnson MIN #448
1976 Topps Bill Campbell MIN #288
1976 Topps Merv Rettenmund CIN #283
1976 Topps Marc Hill SFG #577
1976 Topps Keith Hernandez STL #542

Well, holy crap. I didn't have this sweet piece of red and green eye candy yet. Seen it plenty of times. Thanks to Night Owl I now have one of my own. Top of the list so far, for sure. I mean, it's Keith Hernandez without a mustache! Come on!

1976 Topps Manny Sanguillen PIT #220
1976 Topps Mike Garman CHC #34

One-time Dodger: check. Hideous airbrush job: check. '70s porno 'stache: check.

1976 Topps Phil Garner OAK #57

Three things going for this card: 1) the green and yellow (with random red doughnut), 2) Garner is absolutely rockin' the standard kneeling with a bat pose, which is hard to do, 3) the dude's nickname was "Scrap Iron."

1976 Topps Bobby Darwin MIL #6

Another one-time Dodger who looks like he's getting a headache from the radiation being emitted by his unnaturally blue cap. Also cool about Bobby Darwin: He pitched in one game for the LA Angels as a 19 year old in 1962, and three games for the Dodgers in '69 before successfully converting to an outfielder.

1976 Topps Jay Johnstone PHI #114

Yet another Dodger, the fun-loving Johnstone seems to be enjoying his slide down the severely slanted field. His bat also seems to be casting a rather unfortunately-placed shadow...

1976 Topps Carl Morton ATL #328

Finally, in a stunning case of color coordination, Topps manages to match this card's border to Carl Morton's hair. Turns out this guy was a pretty good pitcher. Who knew?

That's a whole lot of fun from a stack of eleven baseball cards. Thanks, Night Owl.

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