Friday, March 21, 2014

Insert Cards Here (Parallels Too)

I recently wrapped up my pack busting for Topps series one. (So I guess I unwrapped it up?) Old news for most of you, but I'm into delayed gratification, so I take my sweet time. Interestingly (to me, at least), just as with last year's series one, I find myself in need of three base cards to complete the set.

2014 Topps Yellow Adrian Beltre TEX #161

Unlike last year, though, I'm using my dupes... usefully. When I saw the longish list of base set needs posted by Johnny, of Cards From the Quarry, I fired off an email telling him that I could knock out, maybe, two-thirds of his list. I was interested in the Adrian Beltre Super Veterans card that he'd shown as trade bait, and whatever else he felt like sending in return. To my delight and amazement, the man sent just about every parallel and insert that he'd dangled on the hook!

2014 Topps Blue Yadier Molina STL #57
2014 Topps Blue Zack Wheeler NYM #266

He sent parallels of many a hue, mostly blue, though yellow, green, gold and sparkly red, too. (What, suddenly I'm friggin' Dr. Seuss!?)

2014 Topps Green Wade Miley ARI #170
2014 Topps Gold Erik Johnson CHW #178 (87/2014)

Am I a team collector? A mini-collector? A player collector? A set builder? Yes, yes, yes and yes. That's because I collect everything. It's just a matter of prioritizing.

2014 Topps Red Hot Foil Jay Bruce CIN #124
2014 Topps Power Players Darwin Barney CHC #PP-96

And, while it's imperative that I complete Topps flagship base sets, I know that parallel-and-insert-laden "master sets" are as close to impossible to complete as possible... to be impossible... (Now Dr. Seuss appears to simply be drunk...)

2014 Topps 1989 Minis Adam Wainwright STL #TM-47
2014 Topps Upper Class Yu Darvish TEX #UC-3

Batting 1.000 is also impossible (in the long run), but that doesn't mean a batter doesn't try. And since I collect everything, I was always, in a sense, chasing a master set... of everything. But in the meantime, did you catch that Darvish mini-collection hit for Getting a Grip? Sweet!

2014 Topps Rookie Cup Team Albert Pujols STL #RCT-4
2014 Topps The Future Is Now Jose Fernandez MIA #FN-21

So, yes, I am building a set which will never be complete. But, thanks to these Cards From the Quarry, I'm a whole lot closer than I was a few days ago. Johnny simply asked that I keep him in mind when it comes to Rockies cards. Don't worry, man. You are now firmly in mind.

2014 Topps Super Veterans Adrian Beltre LAD/TEX #SV-4

Oh yeah, here's that card that I wanted. I won't ever have a master set of 2014 Topps, but I do plan to complete this subset, and this is one sweet piece of cardboard closer to that goal. Thanks, Johnny, for the Cards From the Quarry. They rock, and so do you!

If anyone out there has series one base set needs, or is looking for a new home for parallels and inserts they don't want, be sure to take a look at my Set Building page. Thanks.

Oh, and Happy Dodgers Eve!

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