Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Long Night's Journey Into G'Day Mates

How beautiful is this?

Staying up last night/this morning to watch the 2014 season open up Down Under was like hopping into a time machine. And not just because, thanks in part to a rain delay, I didn't get to sleep until some people were already brewing their morning coffee. Watching a game at the Sydney Cricket Ground, with that stunning backdrop, felt like watching one of the games from those fabulous old-timey Library of Congress baseball photos. And I'll stay up all week if it means watching Clayton Kershaw do his thing.

Happy 2014 MLB Season everyone!

Back to cards tomorrow. More sleep now. G'Nite mates...


  1. I didn't see the game... but you're absolutely right. That stadium is awesome! Looks like Kershaw did his thing... AGAIN. Congratulations.

  2. Beautiful photo. It almost looks like a digital fantasy.