Saturday, March 8, 2014

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #17

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Last time we opened a pack of Childhood Night Owls I mentioned that the next pack would be the last, as I'd kinda hit the reset button in card organization at the beginning of the year. Well, here we are. This isn't the end of looking at the Greg's cards, though. We'll still have a few more opportunities to enjoy the best of the rest. But for one last time in "pack" form... let's play...

1977 Topps Lee Lacy LAD #272
1977 Topps Elias Sosa LAD #558

I've mentioned that getting some of Greg's first Dodgers cards was kind of special. After all, you know that these cards were played with more than the others, so it's fitting that they land on this playground. I'm sure a good many of them will eventually find their way to another Dodger collector who got started later than me. Circle of cardboard life.

1977 Topps Ed Goodson LAD #584
1977 Topps Bill Russell LAD #322

It's a bit of a mind-fu... It's interesting to note the societal differences between the 1970s and today. Clearly, in this modern age of internet porn and a pop entertainment culture that barely qualifies as "soft-core" (not that I'm necessarily complaining, mind you), it's certainly not uncommon to be exposed to the risqué. And yet, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're unlikely to pull any cards out of 2014 Topps that make reference to Playboy Bunnies. Weird what's considered acceptable and unacceptable at different times.

1977 Topps Rob Dressler SFG #11
1977 Topps Al Fitzmorris CLE #449
1977 Topps Mike Caldwell STL #452

What's a pack of Night Owls without a post-apocalyptic nuclear airbrush job? Topps comes up with a red for Caldwell's faux Cards cap that defies nature to such an extent as to make the redhead's mustache almost disappear by proximity.

1977 Topps Buck Martinez KCR #46
1977 Topps Larry Herndon SFG #397
1977 Topps John Montefusco SFG #370

The last card from the last pack? A friggin' Giant. It's their flameout Muppet character, John "The Count" Montefusco. From Wikipedia:

"Before a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 4, 1975, Montefusco guaranteed he would win the game. He proceeded to throw a shutout as the Giants defeated the Dodgers 1–0."

What Wikipedia doesn't tell you: The Dodgers beat the Giants 7-1 the night before. The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-4 the next day. The Dodgers beat the Giants 5-1 the day after that. There. I feel better now.

With that, we'll wrap up the final "pack" with a cartoon from the back of Dodger Lee Lacy's card...

A serenade for the Night Owl, whose contest provided for some of the best moments in the opening days of this blog, and which will continue to deliver the fun to this Dodger fan and others in the circle of cardboard life as I pay it forward.

End clichés.

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