Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Banks on It (Castro, Too)

Remember that redemption card that I pulled out of a pack of 2012 Topps Heritage last month? It turned into this much better looking piece of cardboard:

2012 Topps Heritage Real One Dual Autograph Ernie Banks/Starlin Castro CHC #RODA-BC (17/25)

Nice. So far, I'm deviating from my standard practice and keeping it in its toploader, rather than throwing it into the scrum with the rest o' the cards. It's perdy. I really like the retro design for this. Better than a bunch of foil and stickers and refraction and whatnot.

One of the fun things about getting this card is that I have the matching base cards to make for a nice little group of happy Cubbie cardboard.

1963 Topps Ernie Banks CHC #380
2012 Topps Heritage Starlin Castro CHC #193

I like that they used the same photos. Nice touch. Naturally, I'd prefer this to be a Koufax/Kershaw Dodger fest, but I'm not complaining. Let the investor types worry about what it's all worth. Doesn't matter to me. This was just plain fun to get, and that's all the value that I'm looking to get out of it.


  1. That is pretty freakin' awesome. Didn't know that Banks spent time at first, thought he was a middle fielder all the way. Knowledge.

    1. I was miffed when I saw that they listed Banks' position as 1B on the auto card. I figured the whole point was the Cubs SS lineage. But when I pulled out my '63 Banks and saw that he'd already moved to first base by then, i understood. Still, though...

  2. That is one sweet pull on your part. I'm hoping to track down a '63 Banks one of these days.