Thursday, January 9, 2014

Catherine Ann Peterson (1926-2014)

As I explained when I launched this blog, its name came from my Grandmother’s insistence on calling my serious collecting passion, “playing with my cards.” I chafed at the characterization as a kid. I embraced it as an adult. The one thing that remained constant throughout my first 24 years as a collector was my Grandma’s support for my habit. She bought me baseball cards from the very beginning of my addiction to the hobby (though she mostly encouraged me to work to earn my own money to feed the habit). And she enjoyed buying me cards so much on our walks (with me pushing her in her wheelchair) over the past few years that I had to often refuse so that she wouldn't spend too much of her money on me.

After battling and defying doctors’ expectations for years, she passed away earlier this month. I have never known a kinder, more generous soul than my Grandma. I will miss her.

The time seems right to shift my priorities a bit. I don’t plan to slow down as a collector at all. In fact, I want to devote more time to my getting my collection in order. I do plan to make this blog less of a priority, however. I’m not going to abandon it. I still plan to write occasional posts, particularly regarding my interactions with my new friends in the blog world. But, like I said, most of my time is going to be devoted to sorting these little pieces of cardboard in order to be in a better position to do some trading. Knowing what I have and what I need turns out to be an important aspect of being a good trade partner.

I also certainly plan to continue to be an active blog follower, so I won’t be disappearing completely. You’re stuck with me. You just won’t have to deal with a bunch of lame posts about my Dodgers, at least for a while. Thanks for all of the support that many of you have given me and this blog (as well as Top of the Topps) in its fitful first year. I hope that with time it will evolve into something even better. But, for now, it’s time to rest and reflect.



  1. Bye Grandma. Sounds like the loss of a great woman.

  2. Sorry for your loss, Ethan. Sounds like she was a great lady. Wishing you all the best during this tough time.

  3. My condolences brother. Glad that you were blessed with such a great person in your life. I'll be here to read whatever collection of words you decide to type up, even if they're Dodger ones.

  4. I'm sorry. Your grandma sounds like one I'd want to have and I had two great ones.

    And no post about the Dodgers is ever lame.

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, Ethan. Sounds like she was a terrific person.

  6. Ethan, I'm very sorry to read about the loss of your grandmother. Keep on posting, I'm sure she'll be reading each and every time!