Saturday, November 2, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #14

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We'll start out with a little tribute to the NL Champion St. Louis Cardinals, as we continue with the post-season healing process.

1977 Topps Jerry White MON #557
1977 Topps Gary Lavelle SFG #423
1977 Topps Bob Forsch STL #381

Just chillin' in spring training, feeling the Florida wind blow through his feathered hair and keeping an eye on his pea-soup-colored station wagon out in the parking lot. Good times.

1977 Topps Larry Herndon SFG #397
1977 Topps Al Hrabosky STL #495

Ten things that make The Mad Hungarian mad:

  • Ted Simmons hasn't given him any "Simmons Stars" for his striped cap.
  • Bob Forsch's lame station wagon is parked next to his Harley.
  • Bill Greif has been giving him grief.
  • Has no idea how to say manager Red Schoendienst's name.
  • Manager Red Schoendienst has no idea how to say Hrabosky's name.
  • Pete Falcone's pet falcon keeps crapping on his hat.
  • Disappointed that teammate Mike Wallace can't get him a spot on 60 Minutes.
  • Can't stand the smell of sweaty socks drying in Bake McBride's Easy-Bake Oven.
  • Keith Hernandez won't share his stash (and I don't mean lip hair).
  • Don Kessinger won't take down nude portrait of himself hanging in the locker room.

1977 Topps Clay Carroll CHW #497
1977 Topps Jack Billingham CIN #512
1977 Topps Larvell Blanks CLE #441
1977 Topps Dave Cash MON #649

It looks like Dave Cash has a headache. Maybe it's because the sun is in his eyes. Or maybe it's the airbrush paint fumes from when Topps decorated him with a cap made of Play-Doh and some powder blue silk pajamas. Or maybe his afro is wound a bit tight? Actually, I think it's probably thanks to the wiseguy who decided to use his hat to make some Jiffy Pop.

Look out...!

That thing's gonna blow at any moment!

In fact...

Yup, that was it, all right.

Popcorn, anyone?

(I learned a little something from the Nachos Grande Blogger Bracket Challenge that I recently competed in. People tend to enjoy pictures more than words. Look out next year! As for 2013, good luck to all of the remaining contestants. And thanks for the fun contest, Chris!)

1977 Topps Jason Thompson DET #291

Speaking of pictures, it's 'toon time. There's a reference to Pete Reiser on the Mad Hungarian's card, which is always welcome. But I've got to go with the back of Jerry White's card for one of my favorite facts (not to mention a Getting a Grip cartoon!):

I think they might have gotten the year wrong, though. From what I've been able to determine, it was actually 1944-1945 when Washington boasted four knuckleballers in their rotation: Dutch Leonard, Roger Wolff, Mickey Haefner and Johnny Niggeling. That must have been a team that hitters loved to face in a series...

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  1. LOL, yeah, that Jiffy Pop card is pretty amazing. Imagine they really made those.. they'd be the most sought-after oddballs of all time!