Thursday, November 21, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #15

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More soft-cornered '77 Topps delicacies from the seemingly endless reservoir of the Night Owl's kiddie cards. Let's play...

1977 Topps Willie Crawford SFG #652

Here we see a Friggin' Giants uniform drawn onto longtime Dodger Willie Crawford. What a sad state of affairs.

1977 Topps Ken Singleton BAL #445

Appreciated in his time, Ken Singleton would be absolutely glorified today by the Sabermetrically inclined. Switch hitter, power, and lots and lots of walks.

Blah, blah, blah. I'm not really into words today, so let's go with pictures.

1977 Topps Bob Grich CAL #521

Rather than airbrush a new cap onto Bobby... I'm sorry, Bob Grich, Topps chose to let his Mauer-grade hair do the talking for him.  Did they make the right choice?

Yup. Don't get me (and Photoshop) started on the mustache...

1977 Topps Steve Renko CHC #586
1977 Topps Randy Moffitt SFG #464
1977 Topps Bill Greif MON #112

Ah hah! Now I know why Bill Greif looks aggrieved. He went overboard with the eyebrow shaving. Eschewing the fine baseball tradition of sporting a unibrow (see: Wally Moon), Greif went to town with his disposable Bic. Of course, he should have stopped after the first pass. But it was just a little longer on the right... one more pass... longer on the left... one more pass... you get the idea. Maybe he should have just left well enough alone...

Then again, maybe not.

1977 Topps Al Oliver PIT #130

How long did it take for Al Oliver to finally settle on one of those bats in the background...?

Apparently, sixteen years later, he still hasn't made up his mind. More bats for Al, please!

1977 Topps Leading Firemen: Bill Campbell/Rawly Eastwick #8
1977 Topps Elliott Maddox NYY #332
1977 Topps Eric Soderholm CHW #273

I'm not gonna mess with this one. How can you improve on a dark blue track suit for a baseball uniform? Topps already did the work for me.

Speaking of work, here's the cartoon from the back of Al Oliver's card, featuring one of only ten players to win as many as three MVP Awards.

That's all I've got...

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