Friday, May 9, 2014

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming... bring you an update on programming from around the world of card blogging. First, I want to bring something to your attention that should be right up your proverbial alley (and I'm not talking about things that only your proctologist should know).

Sports fans are no strangers to call-in talk radio shows. Well, it turns out that even baseball cards get such shows. And, in this marvelously modern world, radio shows take place on the internet. I had the good fortune last night (to be the only listener) to tune in to the first episode of Baseball Card Nostalgia, hosted by Chris of View From the Skybox.

Last night Chris's guest host was Marcus of All the Way to the Backstop. They talked about introducing kids to the hobby, the best Cal Ripken cards and whether he was The Man when it comes to '90s cardboard, and how the Padres really should have found a better fitting uniform for Tony Gwynn in his later years, among other things. It was a lot of fun. I was going to call in, but the show ended before I'd finished my dinner. Maybe next time. If you missed it (and I know you did), you can listen to the archive at the show's site, where you can also go to tune in live for the next episode, which is scheduled to air on Tuesday at 11 pm EST.

Next (for admittedly selfish reasons), I'm going to pimp a couple of contests from around the interwebs. Coincidentally, the prizes for the two contests consist of 2014 Bowman, which is great because I can't afford to be spending money on everything (despite the fact that I want everything), and Bowman is going to be one of the sets that I will only be enjoying in hand-me-down form in 2014.

First of all, over at Dodger Penguin, you can win the Bowman Dodgers team set. If you Twitter or Tweet or Twit, or whatever that thing is, you can earn beaucoup entries. But other opportunities abound, including commenting on his contest post and, of course, pimping the contest. That's why I'm wearing my lime green pimpin' suit with the matching hat, complete with feather, and platform boots. (In my imagination, anyway...)

If you'd rather venture beyond Dodger Blue, an entire hobby box of 2014 Bowman, apparently provided free of cost by Topps (props!), is on offer over at Play at the Plate in celebration of Post #2000. Congrats! So range on over there (where you can see Mike Piazza in what looks to be a painfully compromising position) and get in on the opportunity. Thanks for the contests, guys. And good luck to all.

Lots of us collectors have churned out our own custom cards. We always think we can do it better than the big boys. Which reminds me that (in my patented half-assed fashion) I began (but didn't finish) making custom Dodgers cards last year. And I began (but didn't finish) showing them off on this blog. So, in utterly Random fashion, here are a couple more of my 2013 custom Dodgers...

2013 TBall Virtual Yasiel Puig LAD #66
2013 TBall Virtual Hyun-jin Ryu LAD #99

I know... that is so last year.

The reason I bring this up is that I'd like to point out something that I think is pretty damned cool. In my opinion, one of us really has managed to come up with something that achieves truly professional quality. I know I'd be buying a lot more packs of these things than Donruss or Bowman or Gypsy Queen if they were on the shelves this year. You have probably seen his work already, but if not you should really go check out what Joe of The Shlabotnik Report is up to with his 2014 TSR customs. Really top-notch stuff.

We will return you to your regularly scheduled programming (me yapping about me) tomorrow. Thanks for tuning in, and have a good weekend, peops.


  1. Glad somebody liked it (well, that it was even listened to at all is pretty cool)! I always thought that I would make a pretty good radio host, and after last night… well, let's just say that I'll stick to my current profession. Pretty fun though, hopefully it becomes a regular thing and I can call in next week.

  2. I was all ready to listen to (and maybe call in to) the original timeslot of the radio show, but then it got canceled at the last minute or something and bumped a day and I wasn't able to catch it. Bummer. I'll try to listen to the archive this weekend. It's a great idea and I hope it picks up steam and gets a following. I think a contest would really help motivate people to check it out (like, a random caller gets selected at the end of the show to get sent a pack of something.).. something to lure people in.

  3. Hopped over to both Thanks for the heads up

  4. Thanks Ethan! I disagree, Marcus could definitely have a future in sports radio, I couldn't have asked for a better guest host. Looking for another this Tuesday at 11 PM EST! Thanks Ethan, I appreciate the plug more than you know.