Saturday, August 3, 2013

Early Bird's Night Owl Haul: Pack #9

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Once again, here are the ten cards, in order as always, from this "pack" of Night Owl's kiddie cards. It was a George Brett Fest, which is really appropriate at this blog today, on the day after the Surreal Seven Contest ended. I can give hints, now that the contest is over. It also means the "I Was There" posts start soon. For the four of you who entered the contest, stay tuned to the weekly posts for the updated contest standings. For the rest of you, enjoy the stories, and don't miss out on the next contest. Free cards, people. Free cards.

But, speaking of free cards (thanks, again, Greg!), this is a Night Owl Haul post, so let's play...

1977 Topps Jim Sundberg TEX #351
1977 Topps Record Breaker: George Brett KCR #231

It was six straight games, if you were wondering. It broke the record of five straight held by Nap Lajoie and Rod Carew. The record stands to this day.

1977 Topps St. Louis Cardinals/Vern Rapp MG #183
1977 Topps Steve Carlton PHI #110

Still on Hall of Fame watch with a smiley Lefty.

1977 Topps Batting Leaders: George Brett/Bill Madlock #1

Brett's '70s batting title. He also won one in the the '80s (1980 with Bill Buckner) and '90s (1990 with Willie McGee). This was Bill Madlock's second straight title. He would later win two more as a Pirate.

1977 Topps Atlanta Braves/Dave Bristol MG #442
1977 Topps Vern Ruhle DET #311
1977 Topps Keith Hernandez STL #95

Night Owl follows up the clean-shaven Hernandez of '76 with this Topps debut of his famous mustache. Looks like it might have been payday for Keith. He's sure in a good mood.

1977 Topps Clarence Gaston ATL #192
1977 Topps Tony Muser BAL #251

Let's look to the happy Hernandez for cartoon infotainment. Here's the type of 'toon a kid would be grateful for, so he could understand what the heck announcers were talking about. Reminds me of that Tex Avery cartoon "Symphony in Slang," only for baseball.

Appropriate that Hernandez's card should feature a ballplayer enjoying the use of a stimulant, eh...?

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  1. Ah, now I see the famous '77 Keith Hernandez. I guess I got confused since he's clean-shaven on his '78 issue.